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If you love kulolo, this poi kulolo parfait is a delicious and great way to serve poi!


1 lb. (2 cups) Taro Brand fresh or fresh frozen poi
1 12-14 ounce can coconut milk
4 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons Hawaiian honey
1 cup granola
1 cup whipped cream or whipped topping (optional)
1 cup fresh fruit (optional)

Heat honey in microwave or in a pot of boiling water, for about 10 seconds (just enough to liquify the honey).  In a bowl add poi (do not dilute with water), coconut milk, sugar and heated honey). Mix well.  You can add a little more sugar or honey if you prefer.  In a cup or jar, layer poi kulolo mixture, then granola, then poi mixture. Garnish with whipped cream and fresh fruit (optional).

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