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Help perpetuate poi to the next generation!

Discover what it means to bring your talents to work as part of a legacy ingrained in the islands of Hawaii. 


Our Team


At Taro Brand and HPC Foods, we strive to uphold a tradition of quality that delivers an authentic flavor. 

Generations have grown up with our poi and we look forward to many more. You're invited to be a part of this heritage by bringing your talent to our team. When you join the Taro Brand 'ohana, you're joining a company committed to the success of local farmers and providing quality products that have been our hallmark since 1946.


  • Heritage - For over 70 years, Taro Brand and HPC Foods has been dedicated to the work that will continue perpetuating poi to future generations. By working for the future, we have built a strong history.

  • Quality - The success of our company speaks to our dedication to producing only the best quality foods. There's a pride in what we do that extends to every aspect of our business.

  • Family - Our company has been handed down through multiple generations and continues to draw strength from our family of colleagues. From our 'ohana to yours, we understand the power that good food has to bring people together.

  • Hawaii - The food we produce is uniquely Hawaii in nature, which means the success of local farmers is important both economically and culturally. Taro Brand and HPC Foods understands this and proudly supports the local agricultural industry to perpetuate the culture. 

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