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Poi kulolo krisps are a mix between brittle, milk candy and kulolo made with as little as 4 simple ingredients including Taro Brand poi!  Poi kulolo krisps make the perfect snack and can be given away as a unique holiday gift!


1 lb Taro Brand fresh or prepared fresh frozen poi*
8 tablespoons brown sugar
4 tablespoons Hawaiian honey
1 can coconut milk



Mix poi, brown sugar, honey and coconut milk. Set oven to 200 degrees. You will need 2 18″x13″ flat cookie sheets or pans lined with silpat or silicon mat. Pour about 2 cups of the batter in each pan and spread out as evenly and as thinly as possible. Put both pans in oven and rotate on racks after 1 hour. If you are adding macadamia nuts and/or coconut, do at this time. The batter is still soft, so simply sprinkle macadamia nuts and coconut over batter and continue cooking. During the last 30 minutes, pull cookie sheets our of the oven and slowly peel the semi-soft brittle off the silpat mat and flp it over so that the wet side is facing up. Return back to oven for remaining 30 minutes.  Once you pull the trays out. Cut the brittle into pieces or simply break them into smaller pieces.

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