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• 1-1 ½ pounds boneless skinless chicken thighs
• 8 cups water*
• 3 cubes chicken flavored bouillon*
• 2 cups wide egg noodles
• 1 package Just Enough sliced Onion
• 1 package Just Enough slice Carrots
• 1 package Just Enough bias Celery
• 1 tablespoon butter
• Salt and pepper, to taste


In a medium size (3-4 quart) pot on medium heat, add chicken and cook until golden on both sides. Add onions and continue to cook until onions are transparent 3-5 minutes. Add water and bouillon and stir to dissolve. Raise heat to medium high and cover. Boil 15-20 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and tender. Reduce heat to medium low and add noodles, carrots and celery. Simmer 5 minutes or until noodles and vegetables have reached desired tenderness. Salt and pepper to taste.

*Substitute water and bouillon with two (2) 32oz cartons of chicken broth or stock.

Serves: 4 - 6

Total Time: 45 minutes

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