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Proudly serving Hawaii since 1946

HPC Foods, Ltd. was founded in 1946 by Kakuichi Tottori as Honolulu Poi Company. It started as a small poi milling operation with 3 employees and has grown to be one of the state’s largest poi manufacturers and a leader in the development of taro products. In the early 1960’s the company entered the market of growing sprouts and has become the largest sprouter in Hawaii.


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Four generations of Tottoris have made Taro Brand synonymous with that most Hawaiian of foods, poi. The tradition continues with sprouts and cut vegetables produced in the cleanest plant you’ve ever seen

This is a poilific poitrayal of an industrious and innovative family that poiduced and poifected an industry synonymous with Hawaii.

You’d be poifectly right to poisume that their story has something to do with poi. (Or that our spellcheck is lolo.)

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“When it comes to purchasing food these days, it’s reassuring to know where it is coming from and who is making it. It’s an added bonus when the company has remained a family-run operation within the community for more than 65 years.

Since 1946, HPC Foods Ltd. has been providing Hawaii with locally produced Taro Brand products. Currently, president Craig Tottori represents the company’s fourth generation of family involvement – parents and owners Ernest and Miriam Tottori remain involved.”

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